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      Our clients and our volunteers form special friendships through the Senior Companion Program.                      We always appreciate hearing from our volunteers and the elderly we are visiting! 

     "The Senior Companion Program does the nicest things-you are so special 

and you're appreciated 

more than you know."

          "You make

      the world nicer-

     a big thank you!"

  "The Senior Companion Program and my  volunteer have brought much joy into my life that wasn't there before."

       "I very much    appreciate all you have  done and are doing to make my life enjoyable.

  You are appreciated!"

    "Thank you so much for the cards, good wishes, and for my senior companion - all have added happiness to my life. Bless you all for all you do-for me and for others."

   "You are the most wonderful organization and people.

The things you do are awesome.

     I thank you, and I thank the    Lord for leading me to you."

"The Senior Companion Program really brings happiness to all of us. My companion is amazing! You are all appreciated."

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