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                                        Volunteer Information

  • We ask our volunteers for a time commitment of one hour per week to visit their companion. 

  • Our volunteers visit the lonely elderly living in their own homes, in senior living complexes, in assisted living facilities, and in nursing homes.  

  • All of our volunteers must pass a background check before being matched with a companion. 

  • We do not expect our volunteers to transport their companion anywhere. If a volunteer chooses to take their companion for a ride or out for a meal, the volunteer must have a valid drivers license and proof of car insurance. 

  • SCP volunteers do not provide medical care, personal care, house cleaning, cooking, or any other type of home or health services.

Our volunteers and their companion usually find a common ground quickly, and their relationship builds from there! You might simply spend an hour in conversation. You might play a board or card game, do a puzzle, read aloud, watch a TV program, have a snack, do a craft...the possibilities are endless!

                         It is important to remember that even though our program members are older now,

                        they weren't always so - and they still have the same interests they've always had!

     Our seniors held jobs, had hobbies, had pets, were in the military, had families of their own, enjoyed                     music, theater, sports, traveled the world, belonged to churches, civic groups and more.

Our seniors have a lot of experiences to share and stories to tell!

Are you interested in becoming a volunteer?

Click the links below for an application, or call us at 262-898-1941!

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